10 Best WordPress Themes for SEO

Optimizing your site to be search engine friendly can involve a long list of factors that need to be addressed.  First and foremost, you need to publish high quality content that is relevant to your audience, but there are also some steps you can take before you even start posting that will help search engines identify your site as a good source.

Choosing a WordPress theme that is SEO friendly from the start can make sure that you site get off on the right foot from day one.  Different designs incorporate a variety of features that are more likely to register with search engine bots crawling the internet.  So before you start posting, consult this list to identify the best theme to make your WordPress site SEO friendly.

1. TruePixel


This clean and simple theme has been especially designed to offer fast loading times and a responsive layout that looks good on phones, tablets or home computers.  With more and more readers viewing websites on portable devices, like smartphones, any site that hopes to be competitive has to have a responsive design.  TruePixel can instantly add this feature to your site without having to worry about doing any special coding.

2. eleven40


If you have been researching easily customizable themes with responsive designs, you have probably already come across eleven40.  These are the exact features that put it at the top of the list or SEO friendly themes as well.  As soon as you download this theme, you will have taken the first steps to ensuring that your site attracts visitors.  Choose from several color stylish color palates and add all the social media icons and links you want to make your site as easy to share as possible.



This theme features a magazine style layout that is perfect for blogs and other news focused sites that frequently publish new posts.  It is also fully responsive and comes already equipped with AdSense features and other WordPress tools that make it more visually appealing, functional for both readers and publishers, and SEO friendly.

4. Newsmag


Just as the name implies, this is another magazine style theme that is best suited for blogs and newsfeeds.  From a design perspective, the smart option panel makes it easy to customize and eliminates the need for custom coding.  You can easily make necessary changes, add heading sizes to improve keyword performance, and choose a color scheme that complements your content.  It is also fully responsive and looks great on any device.

5. Schema


Like a lot of other winners on this list, Schema offers a clean, modern design that will really set off your writing and photographs.  It also offers one of the fastest available downloading times, a responsive design, and a rating system that will let you know when and how to improve your SEO.  In addition, Schema has been coded to automatically generate rich snippets, making it especially Google friendly.

6. SociallyViral


If you will be relying heavily on social media to help increase traffic and improve rankings, then SociallyViral is a good tool to help you meet those goals.  It lists popular articles according to traffic, which will encourage more readers and prevent well-performing posts from being pushed down the page as you add more content.  Fast loading times also help make it SEO friendly and the newsletter design helps readers browse your site and get right to the articles that interest them most.

7.  Best


You can’t go wrong with a name like Best.  This theme offers all the great features and functions that are available to make your site SEO friendly.  It has a responsive capabilities, a clean design and fast loading times.  In addition, all the AdSense and SEO review tools that you would normally have to add with plugins, come already programmed in and ready to use.  From the moment you download the theme, it is ready to use and prepared to optimize your site.

8. Spike 


In addition to a responsive design, review and rating system and fast loading times, this theme also offers a total of 9 homepage template and hundreds of fonts choices, making it perhaps one of the easiest SEO friendly themes to customize.  You can choose a layout, within the theme, that best suits your content and you can easily makes changes to test for performance and click through rate fluctuations.  Test out different design arrangements and elements to collect data on your audience and cater to their preferences.

9. MagXP


One unique feature that makes MagXP a great choice for bloggers looking to incorporate affiliate advertising into their site, is the unlimited sidebar option. You can add sidebars, header menus and footer menus without the site looking cluttered.  All of these headers and menus will help optimize your site and better utilize keywords by categorizing yours posts.  It also comes with the standard responsive design, review rating system and fast loading times that are available in similar products.

10. Yosemite


This popular theme features an elegant design that is perfect for posting videos.  While a good blog article will drive traffic to your site, videos tend to bring even better results readers are more apt to share an interesting video.  There is plenty of room for adding social media icons to posts and homepages, alling readers to spread the word about your site with just one click.  In addition, this theme offers a responsive design that is SEO ready and comes loaded with all the necessary plugins and widgets so that you don’t have to waste time searching for and downloading SEO tools.

Of course, there are other options on the market, but these themes represent some of the best choices that work well with a variety of content.  All ten themes on the list offer fast loading times, a responsive design, and customizable layouts.  Make your life even easier by working with themes that offer SEO review and rating systems and automatically create rich snippets.  With all these available features, making any website more search engine friendly is easier than ever.  Start with a strong foundation by downloading one the 10 best SEO WordPress themes today.


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