The Easiest Way to Make a FREE Website (With a Blog)

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The Easiest Beginners Guide: Create Your Own Website in 3 Minutes

In this step by step guide (with pictures) we will walk you through the easiest way of making your own website!

This guide will show you how you can make your own website (with a blog) for absolutely no money. It’s completely FREE. All you need is five minutes.

Quick Guide in Just Three Steps

  1. Sign up at SimpleSite for a FREE WEBSITE
  2. Put in your details and choose a design
  3. Post your first blog post and start uploading content to your newly created website!

Create FREE Website w/ Blog!

In recent years, the web design industry has seen a big change. Web design has gone from having a very steep learning curve, and only being for the elite experts, to becoming something that everyone can do. One of the most popular website builders is SimpleSite. As the name indicates, SimpleSite makes it very simple and easy to set up a website or a blog. 15,000 people create a new website with the help of SimpleSite every single day! And you can make one too!

example of a blog made with SimpleSite website buildet

Your FREE Website w/ Blog could look like this!

Here is why people choose to make a website at SimpleSite instead of hiring a web designer:

  • It’s cheaper
  • It’s easier
  • It’s quicker
  • And you have full control of your site anytime, anywhere

There are plenty of free templates that you can customize to look exactly how you want, so why spend hundreds of dollars on something you can easily do yourself?

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Who Can Make a Website with a Blog?

You! Yes. You, me… ANYONE!

This guide will show you just how easy it is to make your own website with a blog. You’ll be amazed by your own capabilities. As you soon will discover, web design is not hard if your have the right tool.

Why Choose SimpleSite for My First Website/Blog?

Because it’s SIMPLE and because it’s FREE. When you make a website or a blog for the first time it’s very important that the learning curve is not too steep. You will not want to spend hours, or even days or months setting up your website, and then you’re losing the spirit before you even get started. By choosing a simple website builder you can get started with your website and blog straight away!

SimpleSite also includes some really nice features and functions. Plenty to play around with for beginners:

features of a simplesite website

Here’s How Anyone Can Make a Free Website with a Blog in Just 3 Minutes (10-Step Guide with Pictures)

Go to and click on “Make a Free Website or Blog”.

1. What is the purpose of your website/blog?

First step: Tell what type of website you want to create.

Check the box “Personal / Blog” and click on next when you are ready to proceed.


Are you in doubts about what kind of website you want to create? Don’t worry too much about it. If you create a blog, you can always change it to a website and vice versa. A common misconception is that a blog and a website are two different things. The truth is that a blog is actually just a feature you can add to your website.

2. What do you want to do with your personal website?

Select an answer and continue.


3. Select a color theme for your website

Now the fun begins. There are many color combinations to choose from. Pick your favorite colors and you’ll instantly see a preview of how they will look on your website!

As with the previous step, you can always change the colors later if you regret your choice.

custom design

4. Pick a nice picture for your website

Choose one of the standard pictures. When you have completed the set-up process, you can change it for one of your own pictures if you like.


5. Customize your website with a background

Pick a background pattern or simply skip if you prefer to have none.


6. Add a title to your website

This is the name of your website or blog. It will appear on top of every page and blog post of your website.


7. Choose a username

This will be your login name, but also your web address. E.g.

SimpleSite has a lot of users, so your preferred username might be taken. In that case you can think of an alternative name or add a string of numbers to your username.

But if you have a perfect name in mind there is also another option: You might want to consider getting your own personal domain. E.g. In that case your username will only be visible to you, and your visitors will only see your custom domain name.

It’s possible to upgrade to your own domain name at the end of the set-up process.


8. Choose password

Create a safe and strong password that you can remember.


9. Enter your email


  1. Check the box, and you are done!


Congratulations. You’ve created your first website!

Upgrade and Get Your Own Custom Domain for ONLY $1!

You’ll be presented with the option of changing your address to a custom domain of your choice. If you are unsure or still have to think about a good domain name, you can always upgrade later (there is a yellow box in the top of the admin area of your website)

Create free website preview

What’s Included in the Upgraded Version?

If you upgrade to SimpleSite you will get the following features:

  • Custom Domain Name!
  • Custom Email Address!
  • Unlimited Pages, Images, Videos, Design Options, and Font Options!
  • No Advertising!
  • Unlimited Online Store Products!
  • PayPal Integration

How to Add a Blog to Your Website

Click on “Add a page”.

add a page button

And select “Blog”.

add a blog

Click on “Edit this page” to edit and customize the blog page, or to add a new blog post or manage existing posts.

Edit page button

You will be presented with a few options when creating a new blog post. The most common type of blog post is “text”.

post your first blog post

Remember to save when you are done. Click on “Save and view changes”.

Save button

Set Blog as Front Page

If you want your blog to be on the front page of your website, this can easily be done by clicking on “Settings”.

website settings button

And “Manage pages”.

manage pages button

Simply drag the blog page to the top and it will then appear as the first thing your visitors see when they visit your website.

turn your website into a blog drag icon

Start Blogging!

Now that your website and blog is all set up, the only thing that is left to do is adding some more blog posts!

Example of a blog created with the SimpleSite website builder:

example of a blog made with SimpleSite website buildet


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