How to Setup Your WordPress Blog on Hostgator (with Pictures!)

Step 1: Click here to visit HostGator and Click “Start Your Site Now”


You’ll notice that the price is $.01.

That’s because you’re using our special discounted rate that we’ve negotiated with Hostgator. You will not find this deal if you goto their site directly, so make sure to use our link.

Click on “Start Your Site Now1” to go to the signup page.

Step 2: Choose Your Domain Name


This is what your website is going to be called. Our domain name is Choose anything you like, but make sure to remember these simple rules.

  • Easy to Type In. Don’t include any hyphens (-) or numbers, ie
  • Trustworthy Extension. Your domain name should end in “.com”, .”.net” or “.org”.
  • Describes Your Site. Your name should describe your site if you tell it to someone.

If you have an existing domain, enter in your domain details, and we’ll cover how to migrate your domain in a later step.

Step 3: Choose Your Hosting Planhow-to-setup-wordpress-on-hostgator-3 

Most likely you won’t have to make any changes to this form. It should say “1 month @ $0.01/mo – $8.94 Off!”.

Next enter in your Username and Security Pin (it should be 4-8 letters).

Step 4: Enter Your Billing Info


This goes without saying, just make sure you complete all the fields in their entirety.

Step 5: Add Additional Services


Our recommendation is to not check any of the boxes, but if you are worried about hackers and cybersecurity, we recommend you check Secure and Accelerate Your Site (just $1.67/mo).

Step 6: Enter a Coupon Code, Use the Code “1cent”


The code should be added automatically, if not, enter the code “1cent”.   

Step 7: Click on the “I Agree” Checkbox and Click “Checkout Now!”how-to-setup-wordpress-on-hostgator-8

You will see your final pricing, and if you didn’t include any features you’ll see that awesome $.01 price.

Congratulations! You’re on your way!

How to Setup WordPress on Hostgator

Now that you have your web host setup, we’re going to show you how to setup your WordPress blog.

Just a note, some of the pages may look a little different than the pictures below. Don’t worry. The steps are the same, and if you get stuck, just send me an email and I’ll help you out.

Step 1: Check Your Email for Your Login Information

HostGator has sent you over your login information. You will use the username and password you created in the first step of this process to login.


Step 2: Login to Your Hostgator Web Panel


Use the username and password you created earlier to login to your account.

Step 3: Quick on QuickInstall


Under the “Services/Software” section, click on Quickinstall.

Step 4: Click on WordPress


Then click on “WordPress”.

Step 5: Click on Continue


On the next page click on “Continue”. This page is just setup to verify that you are going to be installing WordPress.

Step 6: Enter Your Blog Information and Click “Install Now!”


You need to enter in the following on this page:

  • Your primary email address (this is where your WordPress login information will be sent)
  • Your blog’s title. Mine is “Wise Startup Blog”. You can change this later, so don’t worry about it
  • Your first and last name (you can leave this as is if you don’t want to add it now)

Then you need to click on Install Now!.

Congratulations! You just installed WordPress and your blog is setup!

Okay, now it’s time to setup your new WordPress blog. Click here to visit our blog setup page.

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