How to Setup WordPress on Bluehost

1. Visit the Bluehost homepage and click on the “Get Started” button.



2. Choose your hosting plan. For beginning bloggers, the “Starter Plan” includes all the capabilities you will need.


3. Make sure the domain name you want to use for your site is available. If you have an existing domain name, you can enter it in the appropriate box.


4. If the domain name you want to use has already been taken, you will be notified and presented with a list of other options. You can either pick one of these suggestions or create a new domain name.


5. Now that you have chosen a domain name, it is time to enter your billing information and setup your account.



6. Next, you will need to select your hosting plan and enter your payment information. Remember that the longer you commit to working with Bluehost, the less you will pay per month and you can cancel at any time. Also, pay attention to the boxes that are already selected. You should opt out of these extra services by unchecking the boxes.


7. Visit the Bluehost homepage where you will be prompted to enter the account information you created during the registration process. This will get you logged into your new Bluehost account.


8. Once you are logged in, you should be looking at your Bluehost control panel. This is where you can download and install WordPress to your site. Look for the section labeled “Website” and click on the “Install WordPress” icon.


9. Once you click install, you will be taken directly to the WordPress install screen. Hit the green “Install” button to begin the installation process.


10. You will be asked to choose the domain address where you would like to have WordPress installed. If you own more than one domain, simply click the drop-down arrow, select the correct address and click on Check Doman.


11. Next, you need to create a WordPress log-in name and password. This should be different than you Bluehost information. Be sure to write down this information and remember it so that you can log into your site. Once you hit install, WordPress will be downloaded and ready to use in just a couple minutes.

www.create-wordpress-account-login.jpg12. Once WordPess has finished installing, you will be directed to a control panel screen. Click on “View Credentials” to see all your important information that will only be available for 12 hours. This is another chance to write everything down for safekeeping.


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