Best WordPress Theme for SEO : ProSense

Looking for the best wordpress theme for SEO? Welcome to ProSense, a lightweight blog template that comes pre-loaded with all the Google Adsense goodies needed, a nice fresh interface, and plenty of customizable widgets.

I put together a few test projects, Gainesville Delivery, just to test out the template, and it was really easy to setup, and after a few tweaks, my keywords were optimized to the kilt. When getting everything setup, you must ensure that you change out the Adsense Publisher-ID otherwise you won’t get paid!

For full details on all of the features, as well as a plugin link,

Be sure to head to the author’s page. Download ProSense.

Here are some of the theme features, some of which are currently exclusive to ProSense:

  • Separate and Distinct Ad Blocks. The use of distinct theme files for ad codes allows for easy editing and insertion of Adsense units. These ad blocks can also be used to insert other types of advertisements as well and are not solely limited to Adsense use.
  • Multiple Ad Display Options. Unlike other Adsense Ready themes, ProSense allows you to choose between either banner or rectangle ads for the single post page, thus allowing you more flexibility when it comes to ad blending.
  • Hassle-free convenience and ease of use. You’ll only have to insert your Adsense publisher ID in the default ad units and you’re done. It should only take a minute or two to set up ProSense perfectly.
  • Integrated Ad placement on the homepage. Unlike most Adsense ready themes currently available, ProSense blends a 468 x 60 banner unit between the second and third post on the blog homepage.

    This enables you to display relevant ads to search visitors who arrive at your homepage, as they are more likely to scroll and scan through your posts.The inclusion of a well-blended horizontal link unit near the top of the homepage also attracts navigational-style visitor clicks.

  • Highly Optimized Ad units on post pages. There are two types of ad blocks on both the top and bottom of the single post page. You can choose between using a 468 x 60 banner and 300 x 250 rectangle at the top of the post or a 468 x 60 banner and 336 x 280 large rectangle at the bottom of the post.
  • The ability to designate and match different ad units is exclusive to ProSense and is currently not available for other Adsense Ready themes.

  • Pre-blended Adsense unit colors. All Adsense unit colors are tweaked to match the blog’s link and background colors. There is absolutely no need for you to spend time picking the appropriate ad colors.
  • Search Engine Optimized site structure. ProSense is built from good, clean code that validates well. The CSS positioning is written so that your blog content is prioritized in the source code as this may help to improve search engine crawling and ranking. Dynamic and descriptive title tags are also used for each blog page.
  • Compatible with WordPress 2.0+. ProSense has been tested with the latest 2.2 Getz version of WordPress and no problems were experienced.
  • Widget-Ready. If you’re a widget lover, you’ll be happy to know that Prosense allows you to easily install and use widgets to complement your content and advertising scheme.


  • Hi, I have ever used it for a couple of month and yes, it's pretty cool for SEO. But for today, I prefer to use my own 😀

  • Excellent content – as you always provide and inspires me to come again and again.

  • How is this theme optimized for onsite seo factors like use of the H1 tag, meta data, and internal linking?

  • It makes use of H1, H2, H3 as well as keeping everything in clean-text
    format to make it easy for Google bots to read it.

  • this is cool

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