47 Best Pics of Apple Anticipation: Best iPod, iPhone, and Mac Concepts Pictured

With the anticipation surrounding the Apple announcement today, there’s a lot of hype as to what might be released. I wanted to revisit some of the great mockups/concepts we’ve seen over the years on pending new Mac products, so what better way than to highlight a gallery of amazing pictures. If you want to feature some awesome prototypes in your next blog post, we have a list of free stock photo sites to choose from. Our list contains 88+ resources.

All of these designs were originally mockups created by users and some of them look very similar to the products we actually saw released, which I think is really cool. So what of the mockups we’ve seen in this runup around going to be the one?

To watch the event live, follow Engadget as they’re live-blogging the event today at 1 EST.

1202_tribook_text2_1000 12 55d887b1_Tablet-PC apple_bashful_83_10-blog KIS_ch3_26SEP13.indd applevr applePrototype S39.1401285962

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