43 Reasons Why WordPress Is Still The Best Blogging Platform

For years, WordPress has reigned supreme as the top blogger platforms and for good reason. Its user friendly features and open source software that relies on a network of people working to share knowledge and problem solve glitches have helped make it the most popular blogging platform for beginners, writers and entrepreneurs looking to make money off of their site.

Ultimately, WordPress has helped to reshape the internet and make publishing a blog completely accessible to the masses. Anyone with a little time can create their own website. Need some more convincing? How about 43 reasons?

1. Cost Effective: Is free affordable enough for you? Not only can you download the software for free, you can also make changes to your website at any time without having to involve a designer with years of coding experience. The freedom of not having to pay or involve a third party for every little detail saves a ton of time and money.

2. Free Upgrades: That’s right. More free stuff. You never have to worry about purchasing newer versions or searching for updates. WordPress will automatically notify you of updates in your dashboard so that you will always be working with the latest version.

3. Open Source Software: WordPress has become the most popular blogging platform in part because of its open source design. People from around the world can create plugins that add to the functionality of your site. Most of the time, these little bits of code are completely free. That means that with WordPress, you aren’t working with one designer. You actually have access to millions of designers.

4. Easy to Use: While there is going to be some learning curve involved, WordPress is extremely intuitive and works just like most common word processing programs that people are familiar with, making it the perfect blogging platform for beginners.

5. Instant Changes: Want to makes some changes to your site? Need to update information or correct a typo. Log into WordPress in seconds, make any necessary changes, update your site and move on to the next task.


6. Easy Access: No matter where you are in the world, as long as you have internet connection, you can log into your WordPress account and enjoy access to your site.

7. Multiple Users: Whether you work for a large company or you want to enable guest bloggers to be able to post directly to your site, you can allow multiple people to access the dashboard and make changes. You can also place certain restrictions on what and how much they can change.

8. Comment Control: Once you start publishing blog posts, the comments will start rolling in and they won’t always be nice. With WordPress, you can eliminate spam comments, control discussions and prevent any offensive sentiments from appearing on your site. As a moderator, you can help keep the conversation on track.

9. Templates for Consistency: Instead of having to create every page from scratch, you can use page templates to give your site a consistent look that is audience friendly.

10. Schedule Posts: With blogging, timing can be everything. Most people aren’t going to read your new article on a Friday night. WordPress allows you to schedule posts so that you can develop a publishing strategy without having to be stuck to your computer.


11. Social Media: WordPress is the best blogging platform for writers because it enables them to easily share their work via social media. It takes just a few clicks to connect your site with your social media profiles and instantly spread the word about your new work.

12. RSS Feeds: Real Simple Syndication allows readers to subscribe to your site and receive email notifications every time you publish a new post. Fans can also publish your RSS feed on their sites and share updates with their readers.

13. Reader Accessibility: It won’t be long before you have built a solid readership and people will want to get in contact with you and interact with the author(s) of their favorite articles on the web. Not only does the comment section allow you to communicate with readers, they can also easily reach you by email or through a contact page.

14. Brand Creation: Producing a site that looks clean, is easy to navigate, and provides readers with access to the authors and publishes helps you create a brand and increase your authority. Readers are more likely to trust and visit sites that have a professional appearance and are being regularly updated.

15. Instant Feedback: While you never know how articles are going to perform, if one of them takes off and is receiving a ton of comments, likes and shares then you want to be able to capitalize on this trend ASAP. Comment notification allows you to receive instant feedback and make sure that you get the most out of that post.


16. Automatic Archiving: You don’t have to worry about archiving or organizing your old posts. WordPress automatically does this for you and makes sure that your most recent posts appears first.

17. Categories: Bloggers can also create categories that help readers search through your posts by topic. This way they can jump directly yo what interests them without having to scroll through pages of articles.

18. SEO Friendly: WordPress provides the best blogger platform for creating SEO friendly articles. Simple plugins make it easy to verify that you are using best practices and utilizing keywords as well as possible.

19. Free Yahoo Indexing: Search engines, such as Yahoo, actually charge to have sites indexed. However, when you use WordPress, you will be indexed for free and avoid having to pay a $299 entry fee.

20. Instant Indexing: Because search engines are so familiar with WordPress, they have programmed their own services to be compatible with this publishing platform. Not only does this make life easier for everyone, it also means that your site will be indexed in less than 24 hours. That means that within one day of publishing your site, search engines will recognize your domain and start directing traffic to your blog.


21. Plugins, Plugins and more Plugins: Although I have already mentioned plugins and the fact that WordPress uses open source software, it probably cannot be said enough. You can add just about any type of functionality to your site for free.

22. Media Friendly: One of the best ways to engage with readers is by including pictures, videos, slideshows, etc. WordPress makes this as easy as possible. Your posts will always look great.

23. Keep it Fresh: The ability to instantly makes changes, reply to comments and add media means that your site will always be fresh and timely. Your site does not have to be static.

24. Themes: Giving your blog a complete makeover is as easy as downloading a new theme. Want to change the layout? Simply search for a new theme, download it and you can start making little adjustments and perfecting your design.

25. Customizable: While some theme are easier to customize than others, every theme allows you to make adjustments and create a site that reflects your brand or business. You can make sure that your color scheme matches the company logo or insert business photos to personalize the site and try to connect with your readers.


26. Responsive Designs: Today, a lot of readers view sites on their phone or tablet. With WordPress, you can choose from among thousands of responsive themes that will automatically size your website so that it looks good on any device. There is no additional coding required on your part.

27. Mobile Friendly: WordPress will also detect what kind of device your reader is using so that they are never prompted with a “Go to Mobile Friendly Site?” message. Everything is automatic and designed to create an ideal user experience.

28. Click to Publish: Publishing a new post or page couldn’t be easier. Just one click and your changes will instantly be saved and your site will be updated. You can even preview your changes before saving your work to make sure that you are happy with the results.

29. Automatic Saving: Remember the days of forgetting to save your work and losing hours of productivity just because you didn’t press save every few minutes? All that is safely in the past with WordPress’s automatic saving feature. You can get lost in writing your latest post and not worry about losing work if something goes wrong.

30. Safe Uploads: WordPress also allows you to safely upload photos and other media on a server located within your personal admin section. This eliminates the risk of losing or deleting important files or uploading unsafe photos.


31. Universal Platform: If you need a new designer to takeover your website, you don’t have to worry about hiring someone who uses the same code language or having to completely scrap your site. Because WordPress uses a universal platform, anyone from around the world will be able to jump right in and make changes.

32. Simple Website Creation: This might be ab obvious statement, but in the world of WordPress, the terms blog and website are synonymous, which is why in the age old debate of Blogger versus WordPress, there is a clear winner. Other top blog platforms like Blogger and Tumblr are specifically geared towards those creating blogs and thus come with a lot of limitations.

33. Reader Friendly: Everything about WordPress has been designed to help you attract readers, turn them into repeat visitors and increase your rankings on major search engines.

34. Security: WordPress is the best way to create websites that cannot be hacked. Constant updates and available plugins mean that your site will benefit from the best protection available.

35. Automation: So many great features are automatically built in to WordPress that you don’t have to keep track of all the little details. Alerts within the dashboard will keep you abreast of any problems or actions that need to be taken, but for the most part, you can simply focus on the creative end of running your site.


36. Instant Gratification: The moment you have a great idea or are feeling inspired, you can sit down and write a post. There is no lag time between formulating an idea, contacting a developer to update your site and finally publishing some work.

37. Timeliness: In the world of internet publishing, timing can mean everything. Breaking news is instantly made available and WordPress allows you to immediately become part of the conversation so that you don’t miss an opportunity to connect with readers and weigh in on major topics.

38. Search Engine Friendly: Because WordPress and all the major search engines have such close relationships, any new posts will be almost immediately crawled by robots. Simply choosing the best publishing platform can drastically increase your rankings in search results.

39. Establish Authority: The ability to immediately post pages and articles means that you can quickly establish yourself as a leader in your industry. Visibility is what will allow you to accumulate a following and become a recognizable voice.

40. Printable Pages: Most websites are not printer friendly. If readers want to print and share an article, chances are that the content will be too wide, but WordPress has been programmed to automatically size pages so that they are easy to print.


41. Privacy Settings: One reason why WordPress is the best blogging platform for writers is its privacy settings that allow you to decide who can read your posts. You have the option of making everything open to the public or choosing a specific audience.

42. Speed: Sophisticated servers around the world work to make sure that your site loads quickly and changes are instantaneous. WordPress stakes its reputation on providing fast service, so you can feel confident that they will continue to ensure speedy and reliable operation.

43. Free: Just to bring everything full circle, did I mention that WordPress is free? Free themes. Free plugins. Free support. Free updates. You can enjoy the best and most popular blogging platform available without spending a dime.

If you are considering starting a website, and find yourself asking, “Which blog platform should I use?” WordPress is the clear answer and the best blogging platform of 2015. Whether you are an expert at web design or a beginner, WordPress caters to all skill levels and allows everyone to look like a pro.

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