$25 Off Your First Proper Cloth Order, Coupon Code Inside


You know by now I like to look good, and have highlighted some of my favorite online shops in previous blog posts.

Today I wanted to give you an update on a new offer, and a purchase I just made.

First, you can get $25 off your first Proper Cloth shirt purchase using this link.

Proper Cloth Custom Shirt Review

Proper Cloth formal shirt Proper cloth denim shirt Proper cloth oxford shirt reviewproper-cloth-coupon

Above I’m wearing the Proper Cloth tartan print shirt with the Presidential cutaway color. I really loved this print in the colder months. It kept me warm, but also had a really nice softness to it.

The other styles worn are the formal heavy oxford, blue washed Japanese denim, and washed oxford cloth.

Proper Cloth Order Review 2016

In all, I have ordered more than 50 Proper Cloth shirts and absolutely love the quality, fit, and style of their fabrics and options.

I like to spend the extra money on the higher end fabrics because of the softness of the fabrics.

Originally when I went to Proper Cloth, I would try to order the cheapest shirt possible and get it customized. I was happy just in that the shirts fit really well.

Then, one day, I went into a custom shirting shop, and tried out the different fabrics they had. The fabrics that were expensive felt 10x as good as the cheaper fabrics, and more than justified for the price. Most times, the luxury fabrics are 2x the price as the cheaper versions.

What a higher quality fabric really means is that if you’ve worn your shirt all day long, at the end of the day, it’ll still feel good and you won’t get the chafing and irritation from a normal shirt.

The shirt will feel so good you’ll want to sleep in it. To me, I’d rather have 3-4 really nice luxurious shirts than 10 cheaper shirts.

Remember, use my promo code link for $25 off your first shirt.

Prior Proper Cloth Review

I just ordered two shirts from Proper Cloth, both oxford shirts, one in pink and one in white. I really like oxford cloth, its a durable fabric and the feel for me allows me to wear it any day of the week. I can wear it to work and dress it up just as easily as I can wear it to the beach.

I also find that oxford cloth doesn’t get as dirty as typical dress shirts. Whenever I wear a dress shirt, when I get home from a long day I see a ring of dirt around the collar, and then I have to dry clean it, which leads me to not wanting to wear my nicer shirts simply because it’ll cost me money to keep them up.

So if you want to try out these oxford shirts or any of the other great Proper Cloth styles, click here to get $25 off your first purchase.

$25 Off Your First Proper Cloth Order, Coupon Code Inside

White heavy oxford cloth spread collar

$25 Off Your First Proper Cloth Order, Coupon Code Inside-1

Pink royal oxford cloth spread collar

Update: my shirts arrived.


My shirts got here last week and I have worn both of them and love them. The pink shirt is lighter and I know the weight is going to be perfect for summer and spring. The white shirt has a very luxurious feel which makes me want to wear it for special occasions. I asked the Proper Cloth team if they’re going to be releasing any heavy oxford cloth in more muted colors so I can wear it on a daily basis and not feel like I have to save it only for special events.

Leave your comments below if you’ve ordered your shirts.

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