Beginner’s Guide to Starting a Blog

A Free, Step by Step Guide to Starting a Blog in 10 Minutes (or less).

Want to start your own blog, but don’t know where to start?

Well, welcome to Wise Startup Blog! I have no technical background and have generated more than a million dollars in revenue by starting and selling online blogs. This is my most recent blog focused on men’s fashion.

This blog will teach you how to start your own blog without any technical experience. If you’re ready to get started, use our link to signup for iPage and start your blog in under 20 minutes for just $4.19/month.

But Wait, Why Should I Start a Blog?

Why You Should Start a Blog and How You Can Actually Make Money

You’re probably thinking …Blogging is great and all

…but you’re probably some super smart techy guy, right?


I was just a guy making 60 cold calls per day before when I started my first blog.

Whenever I tell people what I do, they always ask me, “so did you study programming in school?“, and the answer is always, “I wish“. The truth is, I studied marketing in college, and always thought programming and starting a blog was for techies, and was out of my reach.

I taught myself how to start my own blog.

Luckily, I didn’t let this deter me, and started using the best tool ever created, Google. I started Googling “how to start a blog”, and found a ton of great articles that basically taught me everything I needed to know. The only issue was, I had to search hundreds of sites and spend countless hours to figure things out.

Now I’ll teach you how to blog.

This lead me to the idea that I should create a site that makes starting a blog super simple. So here you have my guide on everything you need to know about starting a blog, growing it, and how to make money from it.

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Once you signup, you want to follow our steps for setting up the rest of your site.

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This Guide Will You Show Everything You Need to Start Your Blog…

  1. How to decide what to blog about to create a successful blog
  2. How to get your own custom domain name like “”
  3. How to get your blog online using the free WordPress software
  4. How to find an awesome free professional Wordpress theme for your site
  5. Grow your traffic and start making money from your blog

Click here to get started with our blogging guide, and learn exactly “what is a blog“?

Our guide has been used by 1,000s of people to create successful blogs. You can too!

Don’t have any technical skills?

  • No worries, this guide is written for people with no technical experience. Our screenshots and step by step guides make setting everything up super simple.

Scared you’ll mess something up?

  • Do not fear, there is nothing you will mess up that can’t be easily fixed. Our guide shows you how to set things up perfectly. Better yet, if you run into any issues, contact us and we’ll help you for free.

Not sure where to start?

  • Starting a blog is really straightforward. Your first step is to click on the getting started button below, and we’ll walk you through the steps. It takes less than 20 minutes to get everything launched.

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Or continue reading our step by step guide detailing everything you need to know (and a whole lot more) about blogging.