What is Challenger Brand Marketing?

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What is a Challenger Brand? It’s a buzzword getting thrown around a lot, and it could be the next generation of brand building for the largest companies in the world.

Challenger Brands in general are the giant battles in the industry, think Pepsi vs. Coke, Avis vs. Hertz, Apple vs. Microsoft.

Where there is normally one underdog competing against the goliath. In Apple’s case, they overtook Microsoft, but it’s not always the case the underdog wins.

So looking at Challenger Brands, what exactly is Challenger Brand Marketing? It is a unique set of techniques and tools used that allow an underdog to emerge and become a major player in already mature markets.

Gumas, an interactive agency based in SF has patented the phrase “challenger brand marketing,” and is leading the charge.

A great example of challenger marketing is the household remedies brand “Help Remedies”. Their packaging immediately makes them standout in the drugstores, and it compels you to buy them. I prefer Help Remedies to Tylenol brand simply because of the convenience and packaging of the product.

These same techniques can be applied to startups, where the focus is on design and experience, which allows the product to standout to the customer.

What is Challenger Brand Marketing?

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