10 Best Tutorials: How to Make a WordPress Plugin

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I’ve been looking for the best tutorials that will teach me how to build a WordPress plugin from scratch. I know CSS/XHTML, and WordPress theme development but am new to PHP, and have never written software before, so these are the tutorials I am personally going to use to build my first plugin.

How to Make a WordPress Plugin

1. WordPress.org Codex: Writing a Plugin

Wishing that WordPress had some new or modified functionality? This article will guide you through the process of creating your own WordPress Plugins.

2. Video Tutorial: Your First WordPress Plugin

Quick intro, this plugin has no interface, but it teaches you how to get the plugin to insert some random PHP into your WP theme.

3. Create a WordPress Plugin from Scratch

This plugin teaches you how to check the HTTP_USER_AGENT to see if your website visitor is a bot or a human, and then record if it’s a bot in a file so you can see how many spiders come to your site.

4. How to Write a WordPress Plugin PDF

This is where the plugin development starts to get more in depth, this PDF covers advanced methods like using AJAX within your WP plugin.

5. How to Build a WordPress Plugin to Manage Widgets

This plugin teaches you how to insert products in your sidebar from an eCommerce store. The great thing about this plugin is it covers creating the user admin panel, which is exactly what I’m looking for in a plugin tutorial.

6. Anatomy of a WordPress Plugin

This covers all of the essentials in any WordPress plugin which is a great place to start before actually digging yourself into a code nightmare.

7. WordPress Video: More Plugin Essentials

Another great WordPress plugin essentials, this time in video form for those of us with a short attention span.

8. Constructing a WordPress Plugin Admin Panel

This is probably my favorite tutorial as it covers the UI goodies of building a wordpress plugin.

Here is an updated version of the above tutorial.

9. WordPress Social Bookmark Inclusion Plugin Tutorial

This plugin goes back about 1 1/2 years to when including a Delicious icon was the only social bookmarking piece of your blog, ah the glory days, but it’s a great place to start on your first plugin.

10. How to Release and Promote Your WordPress Plugin

Enough with all this development, let’s get to the fun stuff, how to market your plugin once it’s completed!

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