How Much Are Email Marketing Lists Worth?

April 27, 2010 by
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With all this talk about why you should be collecting email addresses, I wanted to go over the actual value of emails. Say you are looking to buy your site or sell your site, how should you value emails? There are 2 principles you want to follow.super-affiliate.png

1. How Were The Emails Collected

How did your site or the prospective site collect their emails? Did they buy the list? Or did you collect the emails by people opting in to learn how to make money online, like my site.

The answer to this question gives you an idea how valuable this list is going to be, and how likely they are going to be to listen to your marketing messages.

2. How Often Responsive Was The List?

With this list, did you email them every week, and had 50%+ open rates, and 10% click through rates (CTR). The better these numbers are, the more valuable the list is to you.

If you know an email list is being mailed every week, you can extrapolate out the value of this list to you.

How to Calculate Email Prices

The typical price for emails are $.50-$1.00 CPMs, and the price for a “good list” is $2-3 CPM.

So say we have a “good” email list of 10,000.

We are going to email them 4 times per month, so that’s a total of 40,000 emails per month.

If you multiply $2 x 40,000, you get $80,000. Divide this by 1,000 to get the CPM (cost per thousand) number.

$80 per month

So take this $80, and extrapolate it out 12-24 months.

For 1 year: $960
For 2 years: $1920

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