Google Algorithm Change February 2011 Losers & Winners

March 2, 2011 by
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Google’s algorithm change on or around February 25th saw 12% of all search rankings change, which means sites either lost a lot of rankings, ie Millions of dollars and some sites gained. So who were the biggest losers and winners?

Biggest Losers

Google algorithm change

Biggest Winners

Google algorithm change 2011

The full spreadsheet is available here.

Results from Sistrix

SEO for 2011

So what is the takeaway from all this data? I’m not sure yet, the first step after any Google change is to analyze what’s going on and make changes from that point, here are some theories I have that I’m implementing:

1) Register Facebook page
2) Register the website as a company on LinkedIn (Coupon Kim)
3) Get a twitter account
4) Remove any semblance of keyword-stuffing

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