Proper Cloth Review & How to Score $25 Off Coupon

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My favorite brand of custom Men’s shirts arrived in the mail this week, and I’ve already worn the shirt twice this week.

It’s a black oxford cloth dress shirt, which has just the right amount of heft and weight to it for our 40 degree weather.

I’m a big fan of oxford cloth because I feel like I can really live in it. You can dress it up for work, and feel just as comfortable taking pickle backs at the end of the night.

It’s a great grey/black color that goes well with anything.

My only regret is I didn’t get the monogram on the pocket.

Oh well, on my next order I’ll be sure to order it.

My shirt cost about $100, and with the $25 you’re looking at $75 for a complete custom shirt you’ll have for years to come. To me it’s worth spending the extra money instead of buying two to three Express shirts for $40, I buy one shirt I love and won’t fall apart after a year.

If you want to be as pumped about a shirt as I am, Click on this link and get $25 Off your first Proper Cloth order.


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