Save on Yankees Tickets, and Watch The Killers Online at SeatGeek

September 18, 2012 by
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Anyone who’s ever visited New York City or lived it in knows how expensive it can be. Beers that normally cost $3 cost $10 in the city. Apartments that normally run $1100 are now $5200. So it goes without saying that when you can save money, you do.

I’m heading to my first Yankees game tonight, so I went to a used a site that claims to be “the Kayak of online tickets,” SeatGeek, to compare and price Yankees tix.

There are tickets available for tonights Blue Jays game for just $2. Nuff said.

Amex Presents the Killers

In addition to just moving to NYC, I am a recent Amex cardholder, and have been taking advantage of the promotions they’re been running. I just saved $20 from by using my Amex card, and tonight there’s a free concert from the Killers.

I saw the concert being promoted on Twitter, and also saw it on SeatGeek. Apparently you can live-strem the concert for free since all of the tickets to the show itself are sold out.

Enjoy the cheap tickets, free concerts, and the benefits of being a cardmember :)

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