Welcome to Wise Startup Blog, I have no technical background and have generated more than a million dollars in revenue by starting and selling online blogs. This is my most recent blog.

This blog will teach you how to start your own blog without any technical experience. If you’re ready to get started, use our link to signup for Bluehost and start your blog in under 20 minutes for just $3.95/month.

Whenever I tell people what I do, they always ask me, “so did you study programming in school?“, and the answer is always, “I wish“. The truth is, I studied marketing in college, and always thought programming and starting a blog was for techies, and was out of my reach.

Luckily, I didn’t let this deter me, and started using the best tool ever created, Google. I started Googling “how to start a blog”, and found a ton of great articles that basically taught me everything I needed to know. The only issue was, I had to search hundreds of sites and spend countless hours to figure things out.

This lead me to the idea that I should create a site that makes starting a blog super simple. So here you have my guide on everything you need to know about starting a blog, growing it, and how to make money form it.

First Step in Starting Your Blog

Now what?

How to Design An Amazing Blog

How to Host Your WordPress Blog

How to Use WordPress

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How to Create Content for Your Blog

How to Kill It on Social Media

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How to Build Relationships with Bloggers

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How to Make Money with Your Blog

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How to Build Traffic

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