How Fashion and Charity Go Hand in Hand: An Infographic

How Startups Are Optimizing Their Workforce Needs

More than ever before, all sorts of different business markets are leaning on startups to carry the load. There are a number of reasons for this, but the most popular factor is simply the reality that startups tend to lead to the greatest amount of innovation. When the founder of a startup company launches his […]

Healthy Eating, Healthy Mind – How eating fruit can improve your mental health

An article about how eating more fruit can benefit your mental well-being and work performance Struggling to stay awake in the day? Feel sluggish at lunchtime? Everyone knows the importance of healthy eating and good hydration to keep bugs at bay, but have you ever considered the mental benefits of eating more fruit? Latest studies […]

The Importance of Email Marketing

With the rise of businesses joining social media and finding success with engaging customers on that platform, some businesses have left email marketing by the wayside. However, email marketing is still a very relevant way to reach your customers with information about your business, special deals and sales. If you haven’t jumped into the world […]

2014 California Small Business Survey

Presented by California Bank & Trust, Business Banking

Better Blogging: 5 Ways to Cultivate Your Writing Skills

  image credit As a blogger, your greatest gift is your ability to write. It will bring you power, money, women (or men), and of course fame. It can also destroy you if you stink at it. Here’s how to cultivate a powerful “voice” in the form of the written word. Write Thousands Of […]

How smaller companies can cope with debt without going under

  Image: Tag: article discussing how smaller companies can take on debt without threatening their survival All businesses stand to benefit from being able to borrow.  However, compared to larger companies, those that are smaller in size often experience more difficulties when servicing their loans.  Here is a look at why this might be […]

Business Bank lends £800m in First Year in Business

The British Business Bank, set up in September 2012, launched its Strategic Plan in June 2014 and revealed that more than £800 million of new lending and investment for smaller businesses has been realised after little more than a year of operations. According to the Business Bank it has supported more than 30,000 businesses and […]

Dealing with Financial Troubles as a Small Business

There are a lot of ways that you can get into financial trouble when you run your own business. Maybe you totally messed up on your taxes. Maybe you’ve underpriced your product or services. Maybe you didn’t manage your inventory well and have a bunch of orders you can’t afford to fulfill (believe it or […]

5 Top Tips to Help You Stand Out at Trade Shows

These days, where social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter effectively dominate the way in which individuals and businesses alike communicate with one another, face-to-face interaction can often be sidelined and forgotten. There is obviously good reason behind this massive investment in social media, one that sees companies around the world spending billions of […]